Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Great British high street

A great video looking at what the British high street actually is. The video starts off looking at how big brands make up most of the shops within towns, claiming that 41% of towns around the country are described as "clone" towns. Towns dominated by well known retail brands and only a handful of independents. Much like Aberdeen where most brands have more than one store, some like Next having three!

It discusses keeping a balance of the big high street brands in order to get consumers on the street and the diversity of services and products that independents can offer to local towns.

"I prefer the smaller boutiques as before you can get one off items, rather than everybody wearing the same shoes." Quote from a Stevenage shopper.

Independent stores are good for local economy, they work and live within the towns so spend their money locally. They don't take their profits out of the local town like the big brands.

Norwich has managed to create a community of independent shops, this has been helped by the local council supporting them.

"If you shop in a chain of shops then you could be anywhere but if you've got independent shops then it helps retains the cities identity." Norwich shopper. I strongly agree, what is the point shopping in another town to buy something that you could have bought in your local town? Ever since Cult has opened in Aberdeen I've never seen so many Super Dry jackets!

"Google reports that 60% of consumers shop online for products they intend to buy in store so the high street still plays a role. People like to interact with product that they prior researched online or alternatively they do their research in the high street, then they order online."

This is where the high streets advantage lies, physical product experience. Through the use of technology, the Internet is pushing to replicate the the product experience with good presentation.

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